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Are looking to outfit your team or staff with a comfortable uniform that will look professional and that they’ll love wearing? Consider our custom shirts. We have 2 convenient locations for you on the Gold Coast and offer great service.

We can customise your shirts with the name and/or logo for your business, giving you consistency with your branding and an affordable uniform solution. Our custom t-shirts are a great idea for tradies who want to present a professional image while they work.
Here are some of the benefits of having custom t-shirts for your business.

A Walking Billboard

Your name, branding, contact number, or whatever personalisation you choose goes wherever the wearer goes. Branded shirts show off your business outside the walls of your business. For tradies, your brand will be working for you, wherever your contractors go!

We can customise your shirt in just about any colour and emblazon it with the size and style of branding that you choose. We can brand the front and/or back of the shirt.

A clever logo or tag line can be a great conversation starter and opportunity to get word out about your business.

Create a team that looks like a team

When your team or staff are wearing branded shirts, they’ll come across as professional to your clients. It can also help your clients identify staff members when they are at your place of business and need assistance.

A team that looks like a team is more likely to act like a team. Custom shirts help give your team a sense of pride, camaraderie, and belonging.


In a busy world with so many options available, why not give your company an edge by presenting yourself as a polished, professional, and trustworthy establishment. Every little thing you can do to present your business as one that is organised and has a sense of authority about it will help you gain the confidence of your potential clients.

Let Xpress Tees help you make the right impression and stand out in the crowd.

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